Introduction to the course

Theoretical aspects of Quantum Chromodynamics, the theory of strong interactions.

Objective: Basic knowledge of perturbative and non-perturbative aspects of Quantum Chromodynamics sufficient to be able to perform simple calculations and to understand modern publications on this research field.

Content: QCD Lagrangian and Feynman rules; running QCD coupling and asymptotic freedom; parton model; Altarelli-Parisi equations; jets; basic processes; experimental tests at lepton and hadron colliders; lattice gauge theories; current algebra.

Lectures notes and addons.

NEW: some indicative questions for the exam.

25 FEB AL Introduction to Colour notes ref 1,3 exercises
4 MAR AB Classical QCD Lagrangian, gauge invariance, color algebra notes ref 1 exercises
11 MAR AB Quantum QCD Lagrangian, gauge fixing, Feynman rules notes ref 1 exercises
18 MAR AL Renormalization of QCD notes ref 1 exercises
25 MAR AL Renormalization of QCD - Beta function notes ref 1 exercises
1 APR AB Renormalization Group Equations, asymptotic freedom notes ref 1 exercises
15 APR AL e+ e- to hadrons notes ref 1,2,3 exercises
22 APR AL Deep Inelastic Scattering notes ref 3,2,1 exercises
29 APR AL Deep Inelastic Scattering notes ref 3,2,1 exercises
6 MAY AB Drell-Yan notes ref 2,4,5 exercises
20 MAY AB Infrared and collinear singularities in QCD notes ref 6 exercises
27 MAY AB Hadronic final states: jets, event shapes etc. notes ref 1,3 exercises
3 JUN AL Parton Showers, Hadronization, Underlying Event notes ref 3,7 exercises

Bibliography - references

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  3. Quantum Chromodynamics: High Energy Experiments and Theory by G√ľnther Dissertori, Ian G. Knowles, Michael Schmelling
  4. Handbook of Perturbative QCD, by the CTEQ collaboration
  5. Large perturbative corrections to the Drell-Yan process in QCD by Altarelli, Ellis and Martinelli
  6. Factorization of Hard Processes in QCD by John C. Collins, Davison E. Soper, George Sterman
  7. Dressing the partons and Kingdoms of Modelling by F. Krauss (from the Pauli center for theoretical studies Lecture series on "The Infrared Structure of Gauge Theories")