2020-         Full Professor - University of Milano-Bicocca (IT)

2016-2021 Assistant Professor (SNF Professor) - ETH Zurich (CH)

2014-2016 Research Team Leader ("Oberassistent") - ETH Zurich (CH)

2011-2014 IMPS Postdoctoral Fellow - UCO/Lick, University of California, Santa Cruz (USA)

2008-2011 Postdoctoral Research Associate - Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge (UK)


2004-2008 PhD in Astrophysics - ETH Zurich (CH)

1998-2003 Laurea degree in Astronomy - Padua University (IT), Summa cum Laude.

Awards and Fellowships (selected)

2019 European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Award.

2019 SNSF Professorship Prolongation Award, Swiss National Science Foundation.

2019 Italian National Scientific Habilitation (ASN) as Full and Associate Professor.

2016 SNSF Professorship, Swiss National Science Foundation.

2014 Top Ten Breakthrough in Physics 2014, Physics World (for Cantalupo et al. 2014, Nature, 506, 63).

2011 Lyman Spitzer Fellowship, Princeton [declined].

2011 Beecroft Fellowship, Oxford [declined].

2011 Schwarzchild Fellowship, AIP [declined].

2011 Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics Fellowship [declined].

2011 Kavli IMPU Fellowship, Tokyo [declined].

2011 IMPS Fellowship, UCSC.

2003 Summa cum Laude, Padua University.

PI Grants (∼4.6M USD)

2019-        2M EUR (∼2.24M USD); (European Research Council Consolidator).

2019-        ∼585k USD; (Swiss National Science Foundation).

2016-        ∼1.564M USD; (Swiss National Science Foundation).

2011-2013   192k USD; (HST).

Telescope Time Allocation (selected)

MUSE   executive board member of the MUSE/VLT Consortium (2500 hours of GTO).

VLT      ∼1100 hours as PI or Co-I of more than 60 successful proposals.

HST     ∼300 orbits as PI or Co-I (COS, ACS/WFC, WFC3).

Keck    ∼15 nights as science PI or Co-I (LRIS, MOSFIRE and KCWI).

Gemini ∼120 hours as PI (GMOS).

Invited talks and reviews (selected):

10/2019First Galaxies First Structures , Paris Observatory (FR). Review.

10/2019The Circum-Galactic Medium , Berlin (DE).

09/2019The Cosmic Baryon Cycle - Seventh GMT Community Science Meeting, San Diego.

07/2019The Realm of the Low SB Universe, IAU Symposium, Tenerife (SP). Review.

06/2019Quasar feedback, EWASS Lyon (FR) Special Session. Review.

02/2019Linking galaxies from the epoch of initial star formation to today, Sydney (AU). Review.

02/2019Swinburne Astrophysics Colloquium, Swinburne University, Melbourne (AU)

04/2018INAF/Arcetri Observatory Semminar. INAF/Arcetri, Florence (IT)

03/2018Tokyo Cosmic Ly-alpha Workshop (Sakura CLAW), Tokyo (JP)

10/2017IfA Colloquium, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii (USA)

10/2017CASS Astrophysics Seminar, University of California, San Diego (USA)

10/2017UiO Cosmology Seminar. Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, Oslo (NO)

10/2017Stockholm University Astronomy Seminar, Stockholm (SE) [scheduled]

08/2017Challenges in Galaxy Evolution: from black holes to the cosmic web. Florence (IT)

06/2017What Matter(s) Around Galaxies: resolving the physics of the CGM. Durham (UK)

03/2017INAF/OABO Astrophysics Seminar. Astronomical Observatory Bologna (IT).

03/2017Leiden Astrophysics Colloquium. Leiden Observatory (NL)

03/2017The Snowbird Cosmic Ly-alpha Workshop. Snowbird, Utah (US)

02/2017Institute of Astronomy Colloquium. IoA, Cambridge (UK)

02/2017UCL Astrophysics Seminar. University College London (UK)

01/2017OAB Astronomy Seminar. Astronomical Observatory Brera, Milan (IT)

11/2016UCSC Astronomy Colloquium. University of California, Santa Cruz (US)

10/2016Durham Astronomy Seminar. Durham University (UK)

08/2016IGM Tomography Workshop. Kavli IPMU, Tokyo (JP)

06/2016Geneva Observatory and EPFL Astrophysics Laboratory Seminars. Geneve (CH)

04/2016Escape of Lyman radiation from galactic labyrinths. Crete (GR)

02/2016UCSB Astrophysics Seminar. University of California, Santa Barbara (USA)

02/2016KIPC Friday Seminar. University of Chicago (USA)

12/2015OAR Astrophysics Seminar. INAF Astronomical Obervatory Rome (IT)

09/2015Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar. University of Zurich (CH)

06/2015Metal enrichment of diffuse gas in the Universe, Sexten Center for Astrophysics (IT)

06/2015IGM@50: is the Intergalactic Medium driving star formation?, Spineto (IT)

09/2014High Energy Astrophysics Seminar. University of Utah, Salt Lake City (USA)

07/2014Quenching and Quiescence, MPIA, Heidelberg (GE)

06/2014Intergalactic Matters, MPIA, Heidelberg (GE)

05/2014CASS Astrophysics Seminar, University of California, San Diego (USA)

01/2014UC Davis Cosmology Seminar, University of California, Davis (USA)

12/2013UCSB Astrophysics Seminar, University of California, Santa Barbara (USA)

09/2013Nordita Program 2013: Lyman-alpha emission as astrophysical tool. Stockholm (SE)

06/2013Intergalactic Interactions: A Higgs Centre Workshop in the IGM. Edinburg (UK)

06/2013CGM-Galaxy Interface Worshop, Leiden (NE)

05/2013Caltech Tea Talk Series, Pasadena (USA)

02/2013Imperial College Astrophysics Seminar, London (UK)

02/2012Theoretical Astrophysics Center Seminar series, UC Berkeley (USA)

01/2011AIP Colloquium, AIP Postdam (GE)

01/2011Astrophysics Seminar Series, Racah Institute of Physics, Jerusalem (Israel)

10/2010Astronomy Seminar Series, OAT/INAF Trieste (Italy)

11/2009IPAC Astronomy Seminars, IPAC, Pasadena (USA)

10/2009Royal Observatory Edinburgh Seminar Series, Edinburgh (UK)

10/2009Durham Astronomy Seminar, ICC, Durham (UK)

09/2009MPIfR Colloquia, Max-Plank-Institute for RadioAstronomie, Bonn (GE)

Outreach (selected)

11/2018High-school visits at the Institute for Particle Phsysics and Astrophysics, ETH Zurich.

10/2016Press Release on the discovery of the MUSE Quasar Nebulae.

01/2014Press Release on the discovery of the Slug Nebula.

12/2012Invited Public Lecture, San Mateo County Astronomical Society (San Mateo, USA)

12/2012Invited Public Lecture, Tri-Valley Stargazers Astronomical Society (Livermore, USA)

07/2012ESO Press Release on Dark Galaxies