About Me

I am a master student in interdisciplinary science in physics and physical chemistry at the ETH in Zurich. My research focuses on the co-evolution of AGN and their host galaxies. In my current work I examine the effects AGN have on the quenching process of galaxies by observing dust re-emitted starlight in the far-IR band of AGN host galaxy emission.

My work is part of the IR analysis of AGN of the BASS project. The goal of this project is to investigate the link between small scale accretion physics of the disk and the large scale understanding of galaxy evolution. The BASS sample consists of more than 800 nearby (z ∼ 0.01 − 0.2) powerful AGN, detected through hard X-ray emission by the NASA satellite Swift-BAT. This gives us the advantage of having a nearly unbiased sample of AGN observe the entire sky. The addition of multi-wavelength data from X-ray to radio opens up the possibility of a full analysis of the black hole growth in the nearby Universe.

Short CV

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