Out-of-equilibrium and collective dynamics of quantum many-body systems

Workshop at ETH Zurich

June 27 - July 1, 2022 (Monday to Friday)

In recent years, experimental progress on quantum simulations has stimulated a strong theoretical interest in the non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems. The collective character of these systems gives rise to novel non-equilibrium phenomena, such as pre- or non-thermal phases of matter and forms of dynamical criticality, without classical counterparts. The goal of this workshop is to bridge the various theoretical perspectives from different research communities, including integrable systems, quantum information, hydrodynamics, cold-atom theory, and mathematical physics, and to nurture inter-communal and inter-disciplinary collaborations.

Invited speakers

Denis Bernard
Bruno Bertini
Pasquale Calabrese
Adolfo del Campo
Olalla Castro-Alvaredo
Benjamin Doyon
Thierry Giamarchi
Michael Kastner
Christian Maes
Jamir Marino
Vieri Mastropietro
Aditi Mitra
Tomaž Prosen
Paola Ruggiero
Shinsei Ryu
Lea Santos
Tomohiro Sasamoto
Imke Schneider
Dries Sels
Spyros Sotiriadis
Gábor Takács



ETH Hönggerberg
HIT E 51 (Siemens Auditorium)

Transportation: Public transport and ETH elink (shuttle bus between ETH Zentrum and ETH Hönggerberg with stop at Haldenegg)
Possible accommodation: Hotel suggestions


The full program can be downloaded here (including abstracts for invited and contributed talks).

Workshop dinner: BBQ outside HPR building from 19:00 on Wednesday, June 29.


Please register here (until May 31, 2022).


Organizing committee:
Nicolò Defenu, Gian Michele Graf, and Per Moosavi

Institute for Theoretical Physics
ETH Zurich
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 27
8093 Zurich, Switzerland

E-mail: oecdqs [at] phys [dot] ethz [dot] ch
We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the Pauli Center for Theoretical Studies.