Jorryt Matthee

Zwicky Fellow, ETH Zürich


I am a postdoctoral researcher in extragalactic astrophysics at ETH Zürich holding a Zwicky fellowship. The major part of my research focusses on using emission lines to study the formation of galaxies in the first 3 billion years of cosmic history. I use observations with large telescopes in Chile, La Palma and Hawaii and in space.

I also use cosmological hydrodynamical simulations to understand which physical mechanisms make galaxies different and cause the scatter in galaxy scaling relations. In particular, I focus on the relation between dark matter halo formation and galaxies growth rates, and their observability through imprints on chemical enrichment.

My e-mail: mattheej [at] phys.ethz [dot] ch

Publication list: Click here (links to NASA ADS)


Research interests: Galaxy formation in the early Universe. Cosmic reionization and production and escape of ionizing radiation. Nature of stellar populations. ISM properties in the distant Universe. Star-forming galaxies and the origin of galaxy scaling relations. Galaxy-halo connection. Observing techniques.