Jorryt Matthee

Zwicky Fellow, ETH Zürich


I currently am a postdoctoral researcher in extragalactic astrophysics at ETH Zürich holding a Zwicky fellowship.

In September 2023 I will start a research group in Extragalactic Astrophysics at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria near Vienna. Please contact me for PhD, postdoc and (interdisciplinary) fellowship opportunities!

My research mainly focusses on observational studies of galaxies and their environments in the first 3 billion years of cosmic history. I use observations with large telescopes in Chile (such as the VLT and ALMA) and in space (such as the JWST).

I also use cosmological hydrodynamical simulations to trace how galaxies evolve. In particular, I focus on the relation between dark matter halo formation and galaxies growth rates, and their imprints on chemical enrichment.

My e-mail: mattheej [at] phys.ethz [dot] ch

Publication list: Click here (links to NASA ADS)


Research interests: Galaxy formation in the early Universe. Cosmic reionization and production and escape of ionizing radiation. Nature of stellar populations. Galaxy-IGM connection. ISM properties in the distant Universe. Star-forming galaxies and the origin of galaxy scaling relations. Galaxy-halo connection. Observing techniques (narrow-band imaging, IFU spectroscopy, echelle slit-spectroscopy, wide-field slitless spectroscopy).