Achilleas Lazopoulos

portrait picture I am a theoretical physicist living in Zurich, Switzerland. I work currently as an oberassistant at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. I am interested in perturbative quantum field theory and its application to particle physics phenomenology.

Most of my time is spent on higher order perturbative calculations for processes of prime phenomenological importance for new physics discoveries at the LHC.

I've been recently involved in producing the most advanced predictions for the production rates of the Higgs boson particle in the setup of the Large hadron Collider. Previous work includes an NLO framework for all massless QCD processes based on D-dimensional unitarity.

Studies and previous work

I studied physics at the Dept. of Physics in the University of Athens and then got an M.Sc. in elementary particles at the University of Durham. I then got my Ph.D. at IMAPP (University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands), under the supervision of R.Kleiss, for work that varied from numerical methods used in phase-space integration of differential cross sections [Monte Carlo and Quasi Monte Carlo], to recent developments in analytic results for tree level Yang-Mills amplitudes [MHV and BCFW]. Thereafter I started post-doctoral research at the university of Hawaii at Manoa where I got involved into NLO QCD calculations.

contact info

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