Evert @ ETH

About Me



Hi! If you want to contact me, here are some details:


I am currently a PhD student in (Theoretical) physics at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. I work in the group of prof. Sebastian Huber (CMT-QO group), and focus on condensed matter systems.


Here is an overview of some of the courses I have been a teaching assistant for. The older ones are not available any more, unfortunately.

  • 2012 - 2014: Statistical Physics, Solid State Theory, Topology in Condensed Matter, Cold atoms I and II, Quantum Mechanics I
  • Semester #1 2015: Quantum Mechanics II
  • Semester #2 2015: Superconductivity

Weekend Projects

I very often get interested in all kinds of topics. Some of them I take up for a bit longer and try to understand and play with more than usual. I've decided to put some of those experiments up here. I would be happy to discuss them!