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Please visit the web site of my new group at the University of Cologne (Germany).

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David Gross

David Gross

ETH Zürich
Theoretische Physik
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 27
8093 Zürich, Switzerland

+41 44 633 79 82

dagross (at)
(I am not dgross@...!)
I've been a postdoc at the Institute for Theoretial Physics at ETH Zürich. I have since left to start a group at the University of Freiburg (Germany).

I work on quantum physics and applied math.

featured publications
high-dimensional data analysis Recovering low-rank matrices from few coefficients in any basis
D. Gross; IEEE Trans. on Information Theory 57, 1548 (2011), arXiv:0910.1879

mathematical physics Index theory of one dimensional quantum walks and cellular automata
D. Gross, V. Nesme, H. Vogts, R.F. Werner; Commun. Math. Phys. (in press), arXiv:0910.3675

Hudson's Theorem for finite-dimensional quantum systems
D. Gross; J. Math. Phys. 47, 122107 (2006), quant-ph/0602001

quantum computing Measurement-based quantum computation beyond the one-way model
D. Gross, J. Eisert, N. Schuch, and D. Perez-Garcia; Phys. Rev. A 76, 052315 (2007), arXiv:0706.3401

Most quantum states are too entangled to be useful as computational resources
D. Gross, S. Flammia, J. Eisert; Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 190501 (2009) arXiv:0810.4331

foundations of physics All reversible dynamics in maximally non-local theories are trivial
D. Gross, M. Mueller, R. Colbeck, and O. Dahlsten; Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 080402 (2010), arXiv:0910.1840

press coverage
Oddly, too much weirdness slows a quantum computer down
A. Cho, Science 323, 1658 (2009)

Too entangled to compute one-way
D. Bacon, Physics 2, 38 (2009)

Is entanglement always good for quantum computers?
H. Johnston, Physics World, News, Nov 20, 2008

Quantum entanglement can be too much of a good thing
I.M. Vargas, Science News, March 23, 2009

Bad news for quantum computers?
I. Durham, The Quantum Times (American Physical Society, topical group on quantum information theory), quantum news and notes, Autumn, Winter 2008

Verschraenkung bremst Quantenrechner
R. Scharf, pro-physik, 20 May 2009

Most quantum states are too entangled to be useful as  computational resources
M. Marquit, PhysOrg, May 2009

Most quantum states are too entangled to be useful as computational resources
Research highlight,IP Qubit Applications
, September 2009